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Zoomark 2005: Objectives, Expectations and Initiatives

Centro Studi Zoomark – the research body linked to Zoomark International whose aim is to pick up and process information and news coming from the pet supplies market and spread them to the press and the branch – has recently carried out a new survey among a representative sample of Italian and international exhibitors who are exhibiting at next Zoomark International 2005. The eleventh international exhibition of products and accessories for pets is going to be held in Bologna, Italy, from the 5th to the 8th May 2005.
The aim of this survey was to test the expectations and the objectives of the exhibitors before the show and also to pick up information about the initiatives that they are going to undertake to welcome the buyers attending the event.

The exhibitors’ answers

The survey of Centro Studi Zoomark showed that 90%* of the exhibitors plan to attract professional visitors especially by launching particularly interesting and innovative new products. 65% of the sample state they are going to send out personal invitations to their customers, as to guarantee their presence at the show, while 40% reveal that they are planning special offers and promotions for the show visitors only. During the trade event, 37% of the exhibitors polled are going to hold demonstrations to explain better the characteristics of their products; 23% are going to prepare some promotional giveaways for all the people who are going to stop at their stands; only 8% are going to organize in-stand events. A further 12% claim that they are going to use also other promotional tools to attract visitors, as for example: updated news in their company’s web sites about their participation in the show or adverts and editorials on trade magazines.

When asked "Which categories of visitors would you like to have more contacts with during the show?”, 80% of the exhibiting companies answer "the specialised retailers”. 77% of the interviewed also claim they wish to get in contact with distributors, 55% with garden centres buyers, 38% with grocery buyers, 33% with breeders, 30% with vets, 28% with international trade press members, while 20% also mention the professional groomers. 7% of the sample state they are going to take advantage of Zoomark International 2005 to look for new contacts also with other pet branch professionals, as for example agents or manufacturers.

*Multiple answers

Speaking about the countries with which the exhibitors of Zoomark International 2005 would like to do more business, the sample interviewed answers: Italy (92%)*; Western Europe (70%); Eastern Europe (62%); Asia (42%); the United States (32%); South America (25%). 12% of the exhibitors interviewed claimed to look for contacts also with professional visitors coming from Australia or Middle East countries.
*Multiple answers.

In conclusion, the survey of Centro Studi Zoomark also tried to understand what the exhibitors are going to organize for the professional visitors during the show. This study highlights that 62%* of the sample is going to arrange meetings with retailers and distributors at their stands; 50% will arrange a presentation of new products for the retailers, 38% will prepare press kits for the trade press members including information on their company and products, 20% will fix an event or meeting with top customers, 15% will show videos with information about the company and its products, 13% will organize educational meetings for the retailers, while 3% are planning to arrange a real press conference during the show.

The analysis of Centro Studi Zoomark also shows that a further 12% of the exhibitors interviewed is going to organize other kinds of events during Zoomark International 2005, as for example a cocktail for the retailers, custom-made individual meetings, practical demonstrations of how products and / or machineries work or possible visits to the company headquarters for the customers and international distributors (especially for the exhibitors located near Bologna).

Many interesting opportunities for the show visitors

The survey of Centro Studi Zoomark clearly shows that all the exhibitors of Zoomark International 2005 are planning a wide range of promotional tools, events and initiatives aiming at attracting large crowds of visitors to their stands.

Indeed, the exhibitors interviewed revealed to be eager to organize events and arrange meetings to catch the attention of specific categories of professional visitors (and coming from specific geographical areas) whom the companies wish to do business with.

In conclusion, the exhibitors claimed to be very interested in taking advantage of Zoomark International to meet personally the retailers or other professional buyers and to make a better present their companies and products to the trade press and the visitors.


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