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XIII. Assalco-Zoomark-Bericht 2019

In Italien wurden im Jahr 2019 etwa 29,9 Millionen Fische, 12,9 Millionen Vögel, 7,3 Millionen Katzen, 7 Millionen Hunde, 1,8 Millionen kleine Säugetiere und 1,4 Millionen Reptilien gehalten

[02.06.2020] mehr »

ASSALCO Report 2018 on Pet Food and Pet Care in Italy

The 2018 ASSALCO – ZOOMARK Report on Pet Food and Pet Care (regarding 2017) has just been published by the Italian National Association for Pet Food and Pet Care Companies (ASSALCO) and Zoomark International, the international trade fair for pet products and accessories organized by BolognaFiere

[31.08.2018] mehr »

ASSALCO Report 2017 on Pet Food and Pet Care

The ASSALCO – ZOOMARK Report 2017 on Pet Food and Pet Care was drawn up by ASSALCO and Zoomark International, the international trade fair of pet products and accessories, an event organized by Bologna Fiere.

[31.08.2017] mehr »

Marktdaten von ASSALCO 2014

Pet Care und Pet Food in Italien 2014

[20.09.2014] mehr »

ASSALCO Report 2008

Pet Care und Pet Food in Italien 2008

[08.08.2009] mehr »


Associazione Nazionale tra le Imprese per l'Alimentazione e la Cura degli Animali da Compagnia

Piazza di Spagna, 35
00187 Roma

T: 06 69200898
F: 06 69295405

ASSALCO, the National Association for Pet Feeding and Care, was founded in 2006. Over 90% of volume in the national pet food market is currently accounted for by ASSALCO members.

Although only recently established, ASSALCO was originally part of the "Pet food Group”, formed in 1973 as part of the National Association of Compound Feed Manufacturers.

The experience gained over the years by this group and its ability to provide innovative solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of the pet food and pet care sector led to its decision to seek more autonomy and independence. This was with the distinct aim of allowing it to operate more effectively with more clearly defined policies in its chosen field.

ASSALCO’s aims and objectives focus on safeguarding the interests of the pet food and pet care industry. It is also a key player in promoting and coordinating initiatives of a scientific or technical nature to enhance sector growth.

In the European context, ASSALCO is a member of FEDIAF, the European Pet Food Industry Federation that has recently introduced the "Guide to Good Practice for the Manufacture of Safe Pet Foods”. This guide is an essential and user friendly tool for the industry and outlines what needs to be done to fully comply with national and EU standards relating to the pet food sector.

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