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Twenty-one British manufacturers will be exhibiting at Interzoo 2006

Twenty-one British manufacturers of products for the international pet trade will be exhibiting at Interzoo 2006, as part of a group organised by The Federation of Garden & Leisure Manufacturers and supported by the British government.

 Fourteen of the companies will be located in the British Pavilion in Hall 9, and the remainder will be exhibiting independently in hall 1, 6 and 9.   The federation will also have an information stand within the British pavilion.

The British exhibitors are:

Bulldog Products Ltd (Hall 9, Stand 9-556.2) will be exhibiting its ranges of foods and treats for dogs, small animal foods, pet birds, fish and wildbirds.

Creative Carders Ltd (Hall 9, Stand 9-556.1) will be displaying a variety of pet bedding, baths and rugs, together with a selection of veterinary bedding.  The company’s bedding range comprises the high quality Glen range of British wool duvets, silk filled duvets and cashmere duvets.  There is also a range of hollow fibre, British wool and Fossfill pillows.  The veterinary range of bedding includes traditional vet bedding, non-slip bedding, merino wool bag beds, flat fold dog cages and also a top quality Gold Section.

Creature Clothes Ltd (Hall 9, Stand 9-471.2) produces an extensive range of handmade accessories for pets and pet owners.  On show for the first time at Interzoo will be a new range of fabric collars and leads which have a webbing core for added strength and functionality.  The collars have a metal buckle, ‘D’ ring and eyelets, which have been riveted for extra strength.  The fabric items are available in a range of attractive patterns, some of which feature a raised daisy design.  Creature Clothes will also be showing its selection of leather dog collars that are in sizes to suit from Yorkshire terriers to retrievers.  Other exhibits comprise leather leads, dog and cat beds, cat collars, play balls, folding travelling bowls, bandanas, scarves and food duffel bags.  For dedicated pet owners, there is a delightful collection of pet greeting cards, key fobs, belts and wrist cuffs.  Some of these accessories are available in designs to match your dog’s collar.

Denes Natural Pet Care Ltd (Hall 9, Stand 9-467.2) will be showing its ranges of dog and cat foods and health care products.  The dog foods contain high quality, natural ingredients, with the added benefit of herbs.  The herbs not only supply the natural flavour and improve aroma but also help promote good health.  The range of canned dog foods, single serve trays, dry foods, wholegrain mixer and baked biscuits provides a complete balanced diet, free from artificial additives.  Denes’ cat food range also has the same qualities as its dog food range.  Also on display will be the company’s range of herbal medicines and supplements that when used daily can help improve pet’s general health and overall fitness.

Diamond Dogs (UK) Ltd (Hall 6, Stand 417) is a leading manufacturer of exquisite handcrafted leather accessories for dogs and horses.  All of its dog collars and leashes incorporate high quality Swarovski™ crystal.  Collars are designed for all different types of dogs, taking into account size, coat length and colour, temperament and the working nature of the dog.  Only top quality leather, backed with a light soft hide, is used in the Diamond Dogs products. The company’s premium quality leathers combine strength and durability plus suppleness which is imparted by oils and waxes during tanning.  To complete the range, the company also makes matching belts for dog owners.  It will also be launching a range of cat collars, which incorporate an elasticated strip to prevent the wearer getting caught on foreign objects. 

Dugdale Davies Pet Treats Ltd (Hall 9, Stand 9-133) will be exhibiting its range of natural dog treats.

EMAP TPS (Hall 9, Stand 9-471.3) will be promoting the international pet trade show, Glee Petindex, which will be held at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, UK, from 17 to 19 September 2006.  will be promoting Petindex, the annual event for the pet care and aquatic industry, which is part of the international garden and leisure exhibition, Glee.  This year’s show takes place from the 17-19 September at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, UK.  The combined event attracts more than 25,100 specialist buyers from across the world.  Around 300 pet trade exhibitors of all sizes use Petindex to showcase their products, promotions and launches to the pet trade and to keep abreast of the latest market trends.

The Federation of Garden & Leisure Manufacturers (Hall 9, Stand 9-459.3) has been organising successful groups of British exhibitors at major trade shows for over 40 years, and is recognised by the British government for the high standards it attains in managing these events.  At Interzoo, the federation will be helping to create new business relationships between British manufacturers and buyers in overseas markets.  The federation works closely with the British government department, UK Trade & Investment, and has secured government grants to assist a number of the UK firms to exhibit at Interzoo.  Its information stand will be the focal point for UK exhibitors, whilst also offering comprehensive services to all international buyers interested in British products. 

Guaber UK Ltd (Hall 9, Stand 9-471.1) will be launching a new Macrobiotic range for pets that helps banish bad breath. The new Odour Control range from VAPET uses the properties of "good bacteria” to tackle bad odour problems associated with pets.  Vapet fresh breath is a natural macrobiotic solution that, when added to pet’s drinking water, safely and effectively stops bad breath.  It works by selectively acting only on the bad bacteria that cause bad breath.  Not only will owners be pleased by the results, but because of its natural cooling action, dogs will also find it refreshing.  The Vapet new style packaging has clear text and attractive cartoon graphics, designed to make choosing the right product easy. 

K9 by Igloo Designs (Hall 9, Stand 471.2) will be exhibiting a wide range of pet products.  Its T-shirts for dogs are made from 100% cotton and are machine washable.  They are available in 4 colours, five sizes and 20 different designs and are packaged in dog food style tins with reusable lids.  The company’s designer dog bowls are handmade in heavy weight polyresin with non-slip rubber feet.  Available in two sizes with clear, blue or pink bones or heart design.  There is also a range of cat bowls which are also handmade in heavy weight polyresin with non-slip rubber feet - available with blue or pink fish inserts or heart design.  New identity tags launched at Interzoo are a ‘Top Dog/Daisy’ and an ‘I’ve been chipped’ design.  Overnight bags and travel bags in six different colours will be displayed.  These are wipe-clean, branded drawstring nylon backpacks which make ideal gifts for any dog lover; they can be bought separately or filled with practical goodies.  Completing the K9 products are a range of K9 Snug Rugs which are supersoft fleece blankets with embroidered designs and blanket stitch edging.  These are available in 3 colours and 2 sizes, and are ideal for use in pet beds, on furniture or in the car.
Lila Paws (Hall 9, Stand 9-467.4) will be introducing several new products on its first appearance at Interzoo.  Among these will be a pink chaise chair for dogs, a new dog bed and a range of leather pet passport covers.

New Era Aquaculture Ltd (Hall 1, Stand 1-518) has over 20 years of experience in the development of ornamental marine aquaculture, and its specialists have been influential in shaping the nature of aquatic feeds and breeding programmes.  The company’s range of technical feeds comprise marine flakes, aegis flakes marine type 1 & 11, marine liposome spray and aegis liposome sprays type 1 & 11.  The marine flakes are a standard technical feed that provides all the essential ingredients for captive coral reef species.  Where frozen food programmes are preferred, the company’s liposome spray is recommended as it binds to the tissue of frozen foods.   New Era also produces herbivore flakes which satisfy the requirements of delicate feeders to provide a highly palatable and digestible balanced diet.  The company is also active in the field of technical filtration with its Carbonactive™ product.  Made from bituminous coal, this activated carbon product removes unwanted organic and synthetic substances from aquarium water.

Pet Care Trust (Hall 9, Stand 9-556.3) is a national charity that promotes the benefits of responsible pet care education and training.  The trust has around 1,400 members, mainly small and medium enterprises including pet shops, groomers, kennels, catteries, manufacturers, wholesalers and colleges.  Committed to animal welfare, the Pet Care Trust has developed charters over many years that represent best practice for the different sectors of the pet trade.  These include the Pet Care Charter, a code of conduct which is the foundation of the UK Government’s Model Licence Conditions.

Pets Remembered Ltd (Hall 9, Stand 9-459.4) will be showing its beautiful range of pet identification jewellery.  The items have been chosen for their durability and are made from premium grade materials. They are available in an exciting choice of colours and designs.  Each product is individually diamond engraved, leaving a deep crisp text.  The dog tags are available in four sizes – extra small, small, medium and large.  Cat tags are available in stainless steel and in extra small size only.  

Prestopets Ltd (Hall 9, Stand 9-459.1) will be displaying Decofern, a preserved natural decorative plant for aquariums that is available in four colours.

Scratch and Newton Ltd (Hall 9, Stand 9-471.4) produces a range of windproof and waterproof covers from a material that was developed by NASA for use on its space shuttles.  Scratch & Newton’s pet products include a hutch hugger™’, a hutch snuggle™ and a bottle snug™.  The hutch hugger™ transforms hutches into a stylish feature and enables pets to be housed outside in all weathers.  It is extremely easy to fit as it simply places over the hutch and is tightened by straps.  The front window rolls up and is secured safely under the pelmet. It is not necessary to remove the cover even whilst cleaning the hutch.  The hutch hugger™ helps prolong the life of the hutch and additional advantages are that it helps to keep food fresh and bedding dry.  Another simple-to-fit product is the hutch snuggle™ which, when used with the hutch hugger™ in cold weather, creates a microclimate in the hutch to provide extra warmth.  The stylish bottle snug™ ensures constant access to pets’ drinking water.  The material used helps to regulate the temperature of the water, saves time from having to defrost the bottle or from changing the water throughout the day.

Shaws Pet Products Ltd (Hall 9, Stand 9-467.1) manufactures a full line of pet care products under the Shaws and Hindes brand names.  There are products for dogs, cats, small animals and cage birds, slickas, pet brushes and combs, as well as shampoos, grooming products, pet care and hygiene products.  The high quality products are craftsman-made in Britain, and are currently exported to countries throughout the world.  The company also manufactures a full line of private label products for a variety of distributors around the world.
Sinclair Animal & Household Care Ltd (Hall 6, Stand 6-128) will be showcasing its complete range of King British fish foods, water treatments and fish medicines at Interzoo.  The King British range includes a comprehensive range of foods, treatments & medicines for both aquarium and pond fish.  In addition to the products being available to buy in bulk, the company also works with customers to develop packaging and marketing support materials specific to individual requirements and brand.  A range of packaging options will be on display.  Also on show will be a unique CANAC branded Gentle Leader headcollar, which is designed to stop dogs pulling on the lead.  The Gentle Leader has undergone a packaging revamp with the new design being exhibited for the first time at Interzoo.

The Bramton Company (Hall 4, Stand 251) will be launching nine new products at Interzoo.  From the makers of Simple Solution® comes JumpStart™, a housetraining pad with the industry’s first Housetraining Success Guarantee.  The exclusive design allows the pads to be fitted to the puppy in a way that increases the coverage area, whilst the triple strength attractant accelerates training time.  The pads also contain a chew deterrent to discourage puppies from chewing or playing with the pad.  A new range of disposable diapers, in three sizes, will be on show.  They offer leakproof protection for a secure and comfortable fit.  The company will also be showing its new flushable waste disposal wipes which have a fresh citrus scent and offer a sanitary and quick approach to picking up pet waste indoors.  Other new products are a home stain and odour remover, home odour removing scented candles, a pet laundry additive and an oxygen-activated solution that permanently removes cat stains and odour.  Also on show will be a stain removal solution for general use and a dual action odour eliminator, specifically targeted for pet waste.

Underworld Products (Hall 1, Stand 1-417) is one of the UK’s leading importers and distributors of aquatic and pet products to the wholesale trade.  It offers a wide range of accessories, feed and toys for an ever-growing range of pets.  The company carries well over 1,000 items to meet the needs of the aquatic, small animal, dog, cat, reptile and bird sectors.  The range of innovative products is of the highest quality and sourced from manufacturers in the United States, Italy, Germany and France.

Wagg Foods Ltd (Hall 9, Stand 9-459.2) will be displaying its range of small animal foods for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and gerbils.   Highlighted will be the new Wagg Optimum Range of foods for rabbits and guinea pigs.  Wagg Optimum is a fully extruded 'nugget style' food that eliminates selective feeding and improves digestion in small animals.  The Optimum packs contain diets for rabbits and guinea pigs in 2.5kg and 10kg bags.  All packaging is pre-labelled for export.

Waterlife Research Ind Ltd (Hall 9, Stand 9-467.3) will be launching a new ‘rinse and go’ style filter media concept for the aquarium market.  It consists of Carbo Ecel, a highly activated carbon for removing toxins and for cleaning aquarium water, and AmmoClear which is a natural mineral that absorbs ammonia at source.  Also new will be an Algizin product which has been specifically produced to target green water algae in ponds.  A new pond pH reducer will also be shown.  The product is ideal for lowering pH levels in hardwater areas or when ponds are infested with greenwater algae.  It is claimed to reduce stress in fish and lower ammonium toxicity.  Waterlife Research will also be showing a new alternative for blanketweed reduction.  ‘Pool Harmony’ is an easy-to-use, powder based product which inhibits blanketweed growth by starving the algae of essential elements.  An added advantage of the product is that it encourages the growth of desirable plants such as lilies, rushes and irises.

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